Medical tattoo is a refined technique for scar cover, camouflaging scars

Scar camouflage with medical tattoo: a grateful application to improve the look of stretch marks, scars
Stretch marks are aesthetically disturbing for many people. People feel insecure.

What are stretch marks?

These line-shaped skin abnormalities are disalent, aesthetically disturbing for many women and men. Skin straps occur when the subcutaneous connective tissue is pulled apart by rapid growth of the body part in question. It is quite common and is not harmful to health.

What do the stretch marks look like?

  • stretch marks are parallel stripes or lines, grooves, growth stripes in the skin
  • they can show all kinds of colors: purple, red, blue, brown, grey, white, pink, ivory, beige
  • they range from several centimeters wide, or long to 10-20 cm long

What are the causes?
Rapid weight gain or decrease causes stretch marks: as with Bodybuilding, puberty. The most common stretch marks are these on the abdomen of a pregnant woman. But also on other body parts such as upper arms, forearms, thighs, legs, abdomen, etc.

How do I proceed?
Skin stretch marks do not all have the same structure and color. The structure of each stretch of the skin varies from person to person. A person may have different structures in the same belt. In addition, there are about 9 different colors in skin straps.

Each customer needs a separate approach for the treatment in medical tattoo of stretch marks. Therefore, a consultation is absolutely recommended. The stretch marks are thoroughly examined. If no contra indications are considered, treatment will be booked.

The camouflage of stretch marks, is an extremely delicate and precise work. Result is not immediate. Treatment requires several sessions, depending on the evolution after the first camoufalge tattoo. The purpose of this medical tattoo is that the stretch marks are less noticeable. This is done with skin pigments. The colour is made accurate to camouflage the stretch marks as well as possible.

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